Designed for cropping operators, the pre-ripper aerates and shatters compacted soils and plough pans immediately in front of the power harrow. This operation reduces the workload and horsepower required to operate the power harrow. Fuel savings of up to 20% have been achieved.


  • Removes Plough Pans.
  • Reduces tractor hours to form seedbed.
  • Reduces wear and stress on the power harrow or hoe.
  • Retains fertility on soil surface.
  • Makes leached nutrients available to plants.
  • Increase oxygen supply in soil structure.
  • Minimises breakdown of soil structure
  • Improves soil drainage and moisture retention.

Design Features

  • Heavy duty 25mm high tensile tines.
  • Toolbar 250 x 150 x 9 R.H.S.
  • Fits Cat II power harrows or rotary hoes.
  • Available from 2.5m to 4m.
  • Ideal for subsoiling (tree ripping, etc.)
  • Wings shear soil providing an even feed to power harrow while points working below wing remove pans and provide drainage.

Optional Extras

  • Bolt on wing assemblies.
  • Extended P.T.O. shaft universal and safety cover.
  • Adjustable short top link.
  • 4, 6 or 8 leg options.
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