Grassland/Pasture Aeration

The James Soil Aerator was manufactured to overcome the compaction of soil structures which result in excess moisture on pasture surfaces, shallow root systems and restricted plant growth.

The three point linkage mounted implement aerates the top 25 cm of the soil, draining the pasture surface and giving increased worm population and activity. This also increases root growth which in turn produces pasture growth, at the same time retaining fertility on the surface. The increased depth of root structure results is greater ability to produce growth in dry weather conditions.
The unique waving action as the turf flows through the blade assemblies produces maximum fracturing of the top 25 cm layer and releases minerals which have been unavailable because of a lack of oxygen.
M.A.F. trials conducted on pasture in Southland produced an average dry matter increase of 21.7% over a 15 month period.

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