Super Subsoiler


The James Heavy Duty Super Subsoiler is designed to lift and shatter pan layers in the subsoil at a depth of 70cm. This shattering permits the filtering of surface water down through the profile avoiding ponding and allowing moisture to be stored for use during dry periods.


  • Designed for 100hp plus tractors.
  • Shatters to a depth of 70cm
  • Main Beam – 250x150x9mm RHS.
  • 25mm High Tensile blade.
  • Adjustable blade depth.
  • Replaceable ripper point. (Pinned on.)
  • Shear Bolt Protection.
  • Delta type wings for maximum shatter.
  • Large diameter skieth leaves clean surface cut.
  • 18″ skieth cuts surface trash avoiding blade build-up.
  • Special subsoilers and pipe chutes manufactured on request.

Option: Pivoted sliding back chute for laying alkathene pipe up to 50mm diameter.

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