Super Ripper

The James Super Ripper is designed for heavy duty ripping using 100hp plus tractors and has four working options. Tools not in use are simply lifted and locked out of the way.

Option One – Cultivation Ripping:

Use as a 5 Leg Ripper with 500mm spacings providing a 2.5m working width. Wider units can be manufactured to order.

Option Two – Subsoiling

Use 3 front legs at 1 metre spacings for subsoiling purposes.

Option Three – Tree Planting

Use a single rear leg providing a single rip of approximately 500mm shatter width. This leg is fitted with a delta type wing to increase shatter pattern. Alternatively, use 3 rear legs at 500mm spacings providing a ripped tree line 1.5m wide with the centre leg working at 700mm if required. This system encourages deep massive root structure development and the establishment of more robust trees.

Option Four – Pipe Laying

Fit the sliding back pipe laying chute to the rear centre leg and lay up to 50mm alkathene pipe. The rear of the chute is removable, permitting pipe to be removed or inserted at any stage without cutting, consequently saving the cost of a joiner.


  • Pipe Laying chute stored on ripper when not in use
  • 250 x 150 x 9 RHS toolbar
  • 800mm stagger between front and rear legs to provide trash clearance
  • 25mm legs
  • Replaceable pinned-on tips