Dual Moleplough

The James Heavy Duty Dual Mole plough is designed to transfer ground water to field tiles or open drains in soils where there is good clay subsoil. The mole plough forms a 60mm channel in the clay at a depth of approximately 46cm providing drainage.

The dual mole plough unit consists of a heavy duty 150x150x9 RHS toolbar with two standard 3PL mole ploughs mounted at 2.4m centres. Each plough operates independently of the other, therefore if one shallows up on an obstacle, the other is unaffected.

By removing 2 hitch pins and one shackle a plough can be removed and the unit can operate as a standard 3 PL unit on a smaller tractor.

Alternative operating centres for the dual mole plough can be manufactured on request.


  • The long heavy duty beams provide excellent planing action on undulating ground surfaces.
  • A 450mm skieth can be fitted to cut surface trash to avoid blade build-up.
  • A wear resistant shin plate is fitted to the blade cutting edge as standard.
  • The high tensile blade is shearbolt protected.
  • A swivelled headstock permits easy following of contours and reduces stress on tractor hydraulic arms.
  • Side springs fitted to the headstock centralise the moleplough when positioning the unit for the next run. They also cushion side-swing when being transported on un-even ground.
  • A hydraulic ram can also be fitted if required in a dairying situation where open drains are protected by a single wire electric fence. By retracting the ram the plough can be reversed under the wire to access the drain.
  • The hydraulic ram can be used as a top-link ram if desired.
  • Extending the hydraulic ram returns the blade to working position when the plough is positioned over drain.
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